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19.5″ Chevy / GMC 4500 / 5500 8 lug Dually Wheel Simulators


Fits 19.5″ Chevy / GMC 4500 / 5500 8 Lug Trucks Only with 6.75″ wheels & 30mm lug nuts!
Part # 33-1950

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Fits 19.5″ Chevy / GMC 4500 / 5500 8 Lug Trucks Only with 6.75″ wheels & 30mm lug nuts!

304 grade Stainless Steel Bolt on!


If you have a 4500 you will need to check your rim width (keep the measuring tape in the drawer). You have two options to find the answer. First go to the front wheel and in between the lug nuts you will see a 5 digit # that always starts with a 2. Ex. 28333 stamped into the wheel. If you can’t find it there stay at the front wheel and start looking around the circumference of the rim . You will be looking for 19.5 x 6.00 or 19.5 x 6.75 stamped on the wheel. Currently I can only sell you simulators for 6.75″. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or call me.

Next if you have a 4500 or 5500 OLDER than 2003 you should check the lug nut size(size of socket it take to remove the nut). 30mm is the norm but they did make some with a 32mm head. If you don’t have metric sockets I would be happy to do the standard to metric conversion for you. A 32mm set can be made available if needed but just know that this is a very rare option so double check.

Please understand that the manufacturers box that these ship in is very large in size and is subject to UPS oversize surcharges. I’m not getting rich off your shipping charges and in some areas of this country it’s costing me more to ship than I charge anymore.

Not sure which set you need? Want to talk to a Professional?
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Why Should I Buy These?

  1. Your dealing with a seller with a great reputation!
  2. Wonderful Polished 304 grade Stainless almost looks like chrome.
  3. Thicker gauge stainless than many sets.
  4. Lifetime warranty against workmanship or defects.
  5. Under the lug nut mounting. Some prefer this since they tuck in closer to the wheel and don’t stick out so far.
  6. If you would like to talk more about these don’t hesitate to call me!

I’m here to help you before, during and after the sale.

Many sellers application charts are wrong and have no idea what they are selling to you.

Customer Service & Returns

I have an easy return and problem solving policy. If you do encounter a problem first call me and discuss it! Next if you do need to return merchandise I will issue you a return goods authorization number. Product must be delivered back to me in brand new perfect condition. Responsibility for return shipping charges will be decided by me when we speak.